Tao Garden Hotel: Discover Your Wellness Retreat Oasis

Tao Garden Hotel emerges as a prominent choice for travelers seeking comfort and convenience in Taoyuan City. With its strategic location, the hotel offers easy access to various transport hubs, including Taoyuan Railway Station and the HSR Station, streamlining travel for both business and leisure guests. The proximity to the airport shuttle service also adds to the seamless experience for those flying in or out of the city.

The hotel boasts an array of amenities and services designed to cater to a wide range of needs. Guests can enjoy well-appointed accommodations that prioritize rest and rejuvenation. Dining options within the hotel include a variety of culinary experiences, providing convenience without compromising on quality. Additionally, the hotel is situated near local attractions, enabling guests to explore the city’s culture and entertainment with ease.

Key Takeaways

  • Tao Garden Hotel offers strategic access to transport and local sites.
  • Accommodations and dining are tailored for guest satisfaction.
  • Located in Taoyuan City, the hotel facilitates both business and leisure trips.

Overview of Tao Garden Hotel

Tao Garden Hotel stands as a notable accommodation in Taoyuan, blending comfortable amenities with a family-friendly environment. Guests benefit from necessities such as free WiFi and air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant and connected stay. The hotel atmosphere is designed to be rejuvenating, serving as a home away from home for weary travelers. It is often highlighted for its excellent location, which allows easy access to local points of interest.

For health enthusiasts, Tao Garden Hotel boasts a well-equipped fitness center, catering to the needs of those who wish to maintain their workout routine while traveling. The hotel’s cleanliness and service are commendable features, often mentioned in guest reviews. In addition, guests looking for family-friendly options will appreciate the accommodating nature of the hotel, which ensures a comfortable stay for all ages.

Each room is crafted to provide comfort and convenience, with air conditioning playing a central role in creating a relaxing environment. The availability of free WiFi throughout the hotel premises ensures that both leisure and business travelers can stay connected.

Overall, Tao Garden Hotel is considered a very good choice for a stay in Taoyuan District, offering an array of services to ensure guest satisfaction and comfort.

Accommodation and Amenities

The Tao Garden Hotel offers guests a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience with a range of modern amenities and inviting accommodations to ensure a restful stay.

Rooms and Suites

Each of the guest rooms at the Tao Garden Hotel is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. Guests will enjoy air conditioning for climate control, free Wi-Fi to stay connected, and the convenience of having a refrigerator in their room. The suites add a touch of luxury, giving guests more space and additional amenities for an elevated stay.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel’s facilities cater to both leisure and business travelers. With a well-equipped fitness center, visitors can maintain their workout routines while on the road. The inclusion of modern amenities coupled with attentive service makes it an ideal choice for a comfortable stay.

Dining Options

Guests staying at the Tao Garden Hotel have the convenience of dining at the on-site restaurant, which offers a variety of culinary delights to please diverse palates. The restaurant is praised for its cleanliness and service, creating a welcoming environment for diners.

Breakfast at the hotel is especially noteworthy, featuring a buffet that showcases both local and international favorites. It’s a perfect start to the day, providing guests with ample choices to satisfy their morning appetite.

For lunch and dinner, the hotel’s restaurant presents a menu that is a blend of traditional and contemporary dishes, ensuring that every guest can find something to their liking. The ambience of the dining area is conducive to both casual and formal dining occasions.

Near the Tao Garden Hotel, there is an array of great restaurants that offer a taste of local cuisine. For instance, guests can explore

  • Xi Duo Tofu Pudding, a local eatery renowned for its traditional desserts, merely a short walk away.

Additionally, the hotel’s proximity to various dining venues ensures that guests have access to a full spectrum of food options, ranging from quick bites to gourmet experiences.

Local Attractions and Activities

Visitors at Tao Garden Hotel find themselves in proximity to a variety of local attractions and activities, including the serenity of nearby parks and the rich history demonstrated by cultural landmarks.

Nearby Parks

For nature enthusiasts, Hutou Mountain Park, locally known as Hutoushan Park, is a serene getaway offering lush green trails, a scenic view of Taoyuan District, and recreational facilities. It’s an ideal spot for a morning jog or an evening stroll.

Cultural Landmarks

Cultural explorers can immerse themselves in local history at the Taoyuan Arts Plaza, a vibrant hub for various cultural events and exhibitions. This plaza serves as a cultural rendezvous for both artists and art lovers, bridging traditions with contemporary influences.

Business and Pleasure

For the discerning traveler blending business with pleasure, Tao Garden Hotel offers an accommodating retreat. Guests can immerse in a restful experience while having access to amenities that cater to professional needs.

The hotel boasts a desirable location, with proximity to commercial centers, making it a prime choice for those attending meetings or conferences. A fully equipped business center is available for guests, providing the necessary tools for productivity—such as high-speed internet access, printing, and copying services.

  • Business Features:
    • High-speed internet connectivity
    • Printing and copying services
    • Meeting room availability

When the day’s work concludes, guests can venture to various local restaurants and attractions easily accessible from the hotel. They have known to appreciate this blend of convenience and comfort, making the transition from business to pleasure seamless.

For relaxation:

  • On-site fitness center
  • Concierge service for personalized leisure plans

To further enrich their stay, the Tao Garden Hotel also caters to guests’ well-being with a selection of leisure amenities. A fitness center is available to unwind after a day of work, and the hotel’s friendly concierge service can guide guests to local entertainment and dining suited to individual tastes.

Overall, the Tao Garden Hotel serves as a haven where guests can conduct business effectively and enjoy the pleasures of the locale with equal ease.

Travel and Accessibility


Visiting the Taoyuan District of Taiwan affords travelers both convenience and comfort, especially when staying at the Tao Garden Hotel. This hotel is strategically positioned, offering easy access to various transportation options.

For guests arriving by air, the hotel is a manageable distance from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, easing the stress of airport transfers. Those looking to explore Taiwan further can benefit from the proximity to the Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR), an efficient service connecting Taoyuan to other major cities across the island.

  • Airport Accessibility:

    • Short taxi or shuttle ride from the Tao Garden Hotel
    • Direct links to international and domestic flights
  • Local Transportation:

    • Near the Taoyuan Railway Station for regional travel
    • Availability of bus services for local excursions.

Guests can appreciate the blend of traditional and modern atmospheres in the bustling Taoyuan District. The area itself is known for its shopping, dining, and cultural experiences, all accessible from the hotel. Those with early or late travel plans might consider staying at a hotel near the airport for the utmost convenience.

For international visitors, understanding the flight options to Taiwan is made easier with helpful resources that outline the various airlines and routes available. Once they arrive in Taoyuan, navigating to and from the hotel can be seamless, allowing more time for enjoyment and less on travel intricacies.

It’s noteworthy that the district’s infrastructure is tourist-friendly, ensuring guests have a pleasant and hassle-free visit. Whether it’s for business or leisure, Tao Garden Hotel’s location facilitates a smooth travel experience, maximizing the time spent on experiencing the rich culture and amenities that the district offers.

Pricing and Booking Information

Visitors seeking accommodation at Tao Garden Hotel can anticipate a variety of room options with varying prices to fit their budget. As of December 4, 2023, prices for the hotel start at approximately $76 per night. Travelers can find current and updated pricing for their intended stay dates by visiting booking platforms such as Booking.com, where the hotel frequently lists their newest deals and rates.

  • Standard Room Rates:
    • Single occupancy: Starting from $76
    • Double occupancy: Slightly Higher than single occupancy rates

Booking in advance is advisable, especially during peak travel seasons or if attending local events, to secure the best rates and room preference. Customers should note that rates are subject to change and may vary due to seasonality and availability.

The booking process is clean and user-friendly on hotel comparison sites like TripAdvisor and Hotels.com, which provide a snapshot of user reviews along with the prices. Prospective guests should cross-check for special offers or discounts that may apply.

For details on amenities, additional fees for services like breakfast, fitness center access, and in-room services, customers can refer to the detailed listings on the Agoda website. Payment options and cancellation policies are also clearly outlined on these booking platforms, ensuring travelers can book with confidence and ease.

Guest Services and Support

At the Tao Garden Hotel, they prioritize a seamless and comfortable experience for guests. Their services are designed to cater to a range of needs, from business travelers to families seeking a warm and hospitable environment.

Concierge Services:

  • Travel Assistance: They help guests arrange transportation and provide local travel tips.
  • Booking Support: Whether it’s a restaurant reservation or event tickets, the concierge is there to assist.
  • Special Requests Fulfillment: From floral arrangements to room customizations, they are ready to accommodate.

Family-Friendly Services:

  • Child care: Professional child care services are available for traveling parents.
  • Accommodations: They offer family-sized rooms and free stays for children under a certain age.


  • On-site Dining: The hotel restaurant offers a diverse menu suitable for all palates.
  • Fitness Centre: A well-equipped gym is accessible for health and fitness needs.
Service TypeDetails
ConciergeTravel arrangements, reservations, special requests
Family SupportChild care services, family accommodations
AmenitiesRestaurant with diverse menu, fitness centre, complimentary services for direct bookings via HRS

The Tao Garden Hotel polishes its services with a touch of personal care, ensuring guests receive all the support they require for a memorable stay.

Health and Safety Measures

At Tao Garden Hotel, the well-being of guests is paramount. Sanitation protocols are rigorously upheld, ensuring a clean and safe environment. The hotel has implemented hand sanitizer stations throughout the premises, allowing guests and staff to maintain hand hygiene easily.

Rooms are thoroughly disinfected after each stay, with a keen focus on high-touch areas such as doorknobs and remote controls. The hotel’s housekeeping team is trained in comprehensive cleaning techniques, adhering to the latest health guidelines to foster a space that is both welcoming and worry-free.

  • Physical Distancing: Measures are in place to facilitate physical distancing in common areas.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Staff members are equipped with masks and gloves for protection.
  • Air Quality: Improved air circulation systems have been installed to enhance indoor air quality.

Dining areas within the hotel have been reorganized to allow for safe distances between tables, and meals are prepared with the utmost attention to food safety standards. Additionally, guests can find peace of mind knowing that the hotel’s spa facilities follow stringent health protocols, offering a sanctuary of relaxation while prioritizing health and safety.

The Tao Garden Hotel’s commitment to health and safety ensures that guests can enjoy their stay with confidence, knowing that the hotel is going above and beyond to maintain a protective environment.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Tao Garden Hotel is a well-regarded accommodation option in Taoyuan District, as reflected by numerous traveler feedback.

Most guests find the location of the Tao Garden Hotel advantageous, rating it highly for its convenience.

Cleanliness and Comfort:
Cleanliness receives a recurrent positive mention, with an Agoda review average of 8.3, reflecting a commendable standard maintained by the hotel. The comfort and quality of rooms also frequently satisfy guests.

Service quality at Tao Garden Hotel is typically found satisfactory. However, some reviews on Tripadvisor point to variations in guest experiences, indicating room for improvement in consistency.

While the value proposition of the hotel varies among guests, it leans towards the positive, with many feeling that the amenities and experience provided justify the cost.


Tripadvisor reviewers labelled it as an “excellent choice for rest and rejuvenation” for weary travelers. Conversely, some guests expressed that while the room quality was good, the food offerings were lacking.

In-depth reviews also come from verified guests on Booking.com, with an aggregation of over 1100 reviews, providing a well-rounded perspective of various guest experiences at the hotel.

Environmental Responsibility

Tao Garden Hotel recognizes the critical role that hotels play in environmental stewardship. They have taken several measures to ensure their operations support and enhance the well-being of the environment. The hotel has implemented initiatives aimed at reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

Energy Efficiency

  • Reduction in energy consumption through the use of LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Investment in renewable energy sources to power hotel operations.

Waste Management

  • Recycling programs for paper, glass, and plastics.
  • Composting organic waste to minimize landfill contributions.

Water Conservation

  • Installation of low-flow fixtures to reduce water wastage.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems for landscaping and non-potable use.

In terms of travel, Tao Garden Hotel encourages guests to partake in eco-friendly transportation options. They provide information on local public transport and support bike-rental services to explore surrounding parks and attractions. They aim to strike a balance between offering a luxurious guest experience and limiting environmental impact.

The hotel also collaborates with local parks and conservation organizations to support environmental education and initiatives. Guests are invited to participate in programs that contribute to the preservation of the local ecosystem. By integrating these practices, Tao Garden Hotel leads by example in the hospitality industry’s move towards a more sustainable future.

Special Offers and Packages

Tao Garden Hotel frequently introduces enticing special offers and packages designed for various travelers. These may include discounts on extended stays, complimentary services, or seasonal deals that make the most of the hotel’s amenities and the surrounding attractions.

Current Special Offers:

  • Early Bird Discounts: Guests who book their stay well in advance can enjoy reduced rates. A commitment to travel plans ahead of time leads to significant savings.
  • Weekend Getaway Packages: Special weekend rates are available, combining accommodation with extra benefits such as a free breakfast or a late checkout.

Seasonal Packages:

  • Winter Specials: During the cooler months, guests can enjoy cozy accommodations at reduced prices, along with complimentary wellness amenities.
  • Summer Deals: Travelers can capitalize on summer savings, which often include family-friendly perks for longer stays.

Corporate Travelers can also benefit from tailored packages that cater to the needs of business-oriented visits, including Wi-Fi, meeting room access, and transport services.

Table of Current Package Inclusions:

Package NameInclusionsValidity Dates
Early BirdUp to 15% off room rates, free Wi-FiBook 60 days in advance
Weekend GetawayDiscounted rate, breakfast included, late checkoutWeekends only
Winter SpecialReduced winter rate, free spa accessDecember – February
Summer DealDiscounts on longer stays, activities for children includedJune – August

All packages are subject to availability and the hotel’s terms and conditions. Travelers should always check for the latest deals and read the fine print before making reservations to ensure they receive the best possible offer for their intended travel dates.

Meeting and Event Spaces

The Tao Garden Hotel offers versatile meeting and event spaces suitable for a variety of business gatherings. With an array of rooms to choose from, the hotel can accommodate events of all sizes, from small meetings to large conferences.

Capacity and Layout

  • Total Event Space: Ample room for large-scale events.
  • Meeting Rooms: Multiple options adaptable for different purposes.

Facilities and Services

  • On-Site Catering: Delicious culinary options tailored to events.
  • Audiovisual Equipment: High-tech gear for effective presentations.
  • Professional Staff: Teams ready to ensure seamless event execution.

Types of Events

  • Conferences: Spaces equipped to host industry-leading conferences.
  • Training Sessions: Rooms set up for interactive learning experiences.
  • Seminars: Ideal venues for informative and educational seminars.


  • Wi-Fi: High-speed internet connectivity.
  • Parking: Convenient on-site parking for attendees.
  • Accommodation: Comfortable rooms available for delegates.

Businesspersons can plan their next event or meeting at the hotel, confident in its ability to deliver a professional and successful event experience.

For more detailed information on specifications, one can request a proposal from the hotel to start planning their event with precise and accommodating service.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find detailed answers to some of the most common queries regarding the services and experiences offered by the Tao Garden Hotel.

What amenities does Tao Garden Hotel offer to its guests?

Tao Garden Hotel provides guests with amenities such as luxury bedding, a fitness center, complimentary WiFi, and air conditioning to ensure a comfortable stay. More on the luxury bedding and fitness center amenities.

Can you provide details on the dining options available at Tao Garden Hotel?

The hotel offers an on-site restaurant where guests can enjoy meals. For more information, guests can directly contact the hotel or visit the Tao Garden Hotel official website.

Is there any special cuisine featured at the Tao Garden Hotel restaurant?

Details on specific cuisines or special dishes featured at the Tao Garden Hotel restaurant can be obtained by contacting the hotel or visiting their official website. Tao Garden Hotel’s restaurant information may provide insight into their culinary offerings.

How do guest reviews rate the overall experience at Tao Garden Hotel?

Guest reviews generally rate Tao Garden Hotel as a good choice for travelers, highlighting the hotel’s cleanliness and location. For more guest opinions and ratings, visit Tao Garden Hotel reviews on TripAdvisor.

What are the room accommodation options available at Tao Garden Hotel?

Tao Garden Hotel offers various room options, which can include clean and spacious rooms that can accommodate multiple guests. Detailed room information can be found on booking platforms or by contacting the hotel directly. Check room descriptions on Agoda.

Are there any notable attractions or points of interest near Tao Garden Hotel?

The hotel is situated in a location that provides easy access to local attractions and points of interest. Guests can inquire with the hotel staff for recommendations or visit travel websites for information on nearby attractions.

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