TPE Airport Bus Guide: Navigating Ground Transportation in Taipei

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), commonly referred to as Taoyuan Airport, serves as the primary gateway for international travel to and from Taipei and the surrounding regions. Given its importance as a travel hub, the airport facilitates a plethora of transportation options for passengers looking to enter the city of Taipei, the town of Taoyuan, or other destinations on the island. Buses play a crucial role in this transportation network, known for their regularity, coverage, and cost-effectiveness.

Travelers arriving at Taoyuan Airport are often greeted with a variety of bus services that cater to different needs and preferences. Quick, reliable, and equipped with modern amenities, these buses connect passengers to key locations throughout Taipei and beyond. While the Taoyuan Airport MRT offers a speedy alternative to reach the city, buses remain a popular mode of transport due to their comprehensive service routes that are not only limited to central Taipei but also extend to neighboring cities. Detailed information on schedules, fares, and routes is readily available, ensuring travelers can plan their journey with ease.

Key Takeaways

  • Buses provide extensive coverage and are a preferred mode of transport from TPE Airport.
  • Options include direct connections to Taipei and neighboring cities, with a focus on accessibility.
  • Information on bus services can be easily found, aiding traveler planning and journey efficiency.

Transportation Overview

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, commonly referred to as Taoyuan Airport, ensures a myriad of transportation modes to passengers traveling to Taipei Main Station and other locales. The choices range from dedicated bus services to the efficient Taoyuan Airport MRT, as well as taxi and private car options for personal comfort and convenience.

Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station

The journey from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station is pivotal for travellers as it connects them to the heart of Taipei City. Options to make this trip include buses, the Taoyuan Airport MRT, and taxis.

Bus Services from TPE

Buses from Taoyuan Airport offer economical travel options to Taipei and other destinations. Various operators provide services that connect passengers directly to key points, including Taipei Main Station. Ticket counters for these bus services are conveniently located within the airport’s arrival halls.

Taoyuan Airport MRT

The Taoyuan Airport MRT is a popular choice for swift travel. Running from the airport to Taipei Main Station in under an hour, it offers both commuter and express trains, ensuring efficient transit for passengers.

Taxi and Private Options

For direct and private transportation from Taoyuan Airport, taxis are readily available. They provide a fast, though more costly, alternative to buses and the MRT. Additionally, pre-booked private vehicle services offer a blend of convenience and personalized service to destinations like Taipei Main Station.

Bus Services Detailed

Travelers seeking transportation from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) to downtown Taipei or vice versa have multiple bus options. These services are known for their reliability and offer different levels of comfort and pricing, making them accessible to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Kuo-Kuang Bus

Kuo-Kuang is one of the major bus operators that offer prompt services to and from the airport. It operates 24 hours a day, ensuring that passengers have access to transportation regardless of their flight schedules. A one-way fare is typically affordable, making it a cost-effective option for travelers.

Evergreen Bus

The Evergreen Bus line provides a comfortable ride that connects TPE Airport with key locations in Taipei. Their buses are known for their comfortable seating and operate at regular intervals, facilitating efficient transfers for passengers. Evergreen Bus pricing is competitive, further contributing to its popularity among both locals and tourists.

CitiAir Bus

CitiAir Bus, also known as Airport Bus, offers services with easy accessibility and convenience, ensuring a seamless journey. They have a reputation for maintaining strict schedules, with buses running at fixed timings throughout the day. Although the ticket price may be slightly higher compared to other bus services, it offers added comfort and amenities.

Each bus line provides a range of benefits for those traveling to and from the Taoyuan Airport. With these services, passengers can expect a balance of timing, cost, and convenience during their commute.

Taoyuan Airport MRT

The Taoyuan Airport MRT is an efficient rail service connecting Taoyuan International Airport with the heart of Taipei. It offers both express and commuter trains, characterized by their speed and convenience.

Express Train to Taipei

The Express Train is designed for rapid transit, making fewer stops and taking passengers from the airport to Taipei Main Station in approximately 36 minutes. Trains are available from both airport terminals and typically depart every 15 minutes. Travelers can expect a comfortable journey with amenities geared towards convenience and efficiency.

Commuter Train Details

On the other hand, the Commuter Train provides service with more stops, catering to passengers traveling to or from intermediate stations along the route. Although it takes slightly longer than the express service, it furnishes a reliable and frequent service for a comprehensive coverage of the route.

Travelers looking for detailed information on schedules and services of the Taoyuan Airport MRT can find it at accurately planned transit experiences.

Taxis and Private Transfers

At Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, passengers have the option to choose between taxi services for immediate transport and pre-booked private transfers for a more personalized journey to Taipei city or other destinations, each offering a balance of convenience, travel time, and cost.

Taxi Services

Taxis available at Taoyuan Airport provide a direct and convenient way to reach Taipei city. Easily recognizable, official airport taxis operate around the clock, ensuring travelers can quickly find a ride regardless of their arrival time. The travel time to downtown Taipei usually ranges from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Costs are meter-based but expect to pay approximately TWD 900 to TWD 1,200 for a one-way trip to the city center.

Pre-Booked Private Transfers

For a more seamless experience, travelers may opt for pre-booked private transfers. While typically more expensive than taxis—prices vary based on vehicle type and destination—they provide a personalized service with drivers often meeting passengers in the arrivals hall. Travelers can book these services prior to their trip, ensuring a streamlined departure from the airport and a direct route to their accommodation. Some transfer services might offer luxury vehicle options for those seeking a more upscale experience.

When considering ride-sharing options, Uber is also operational in Taiwan, and may serve as an alternative to traditional taxi services, with competitive pricing and the convenience of booking through their mobile app.

Other Transportation Details

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is well-connected, offering various travel options for passengers heading to destinations like New Taipei Industrial Park and Zhongli. The details provided here focus on driving directions and public bus options, ensuring travelers can navigate their way to and from the airport confidently.

Driving Directions

Travelers opting to drive to TPE airport will find it situated conveniently with clear signage from nearby major routes, facilitating a stress-free car journey. Typical travel times from downtown Taipei to the airport take about 40 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. For those heading to the New Taipei Industrial Park, it usually takes approximately 30 minutes.

Public Bus Options

Public buses offer an economical and efficient means of transport to various destinations including the bustling commercial hub of Zhongli. A range of bus services including CitiAir Bus, UBus, and others service the airport, with frequencies every 15 to 30 minutes. Buses feature designated stops such as the Taoyuan HSR station and Technology Building, ensuring that travelers can reach key locations like the New Taipei Industrial Park with ease.

Additional Travel Information

Travelers navigating through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) can benefit from a range of additional services that enhance their travel experience. These include convenient luggage solutions, streamlined in-town check-in processes, and comfortable accommodations nearby.

Luggage Services

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport offers various luggage services to assist travelers. For those carrying extra luggage or in need of storing their bags, secure luggage storage facilities are available at both terminals. This allows passengers the freedom to explore Taipei unencumbered by their belongings before their flight.

In-Town Check-In

The In-Town Check-In service provides a seamless travel experience for passengers heading to TPE. Travelers can check in their luggage and receive their boarding passes at the Taipei Station, enabling them to enjoy the city without the worry of airport check-in queues.

Accommodations Near TPE

Finding the right hotels near TPE is crucial for travelers needing a place to rest. Options range from budget-friendly to luxury stays, with some situated minutes away from the airport, providing the utmost convenience. For those seeking a comfortable hotel with easy access to the airport, consider staying at the Novotel Taoyuan Airport Hotel, which offers travelers well-appointed rooms and amenities.

Travelers can further ease their journey by utilizing a travel planner to schedule their accommodations and airport transfers efficiently.

Travel Tips and Suggestions

When navigating from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei, understanding the ticketing system and timing can greatly enhance one’s travel experience.

Ticketing and Fares

Ticketing for buses from Taoyuan Airport can be straightforward. Travelers should be aware that they can purchase tickets directly at the airport at designated counters or machines. For passengers considering the use of express trains, they might encounter a fare surcharge due to the expedited nature of the service. Passengers who plan return trips can often benefit from purchasing a return ticket, which may offer a slight discount compared to two one-way fares.

Travel Time and Distance

The time taken to reach TRA Taipei Station varies depending on the mode of transport and traffic conditions. Typically, express buses run more frequently during peak hours and offer a balance of cost and speed. On the other hand, express trains provide a faster option taking on average 35 minutes, but this might involve a higher cost. The distance between the airport and Taipei city center is significant, and travelers should allocate at least an hour for bus transit to accommodate any potential delays.

Traveler Resources

When planning to navigate from Taoyuan Airport (TPE) to Taipei, travelers have a wealth of digital tools at their disposal that can simplify their journey. Efficiently planning the route and staying informed about the transport schedules can make the travel experience smoother.

Travel Apps and Websites

Klook and Rome2rio stand out as indispensable travel apps for those needing to find various transport options, including bus services from TPE Airport. Klook offers the convenience of booking tickets online for buses and provides details on schedules and prices. For a broader scope of planning, Rome2rio is a comprehensive platform that helps compare bus, train, and other travel modalities, offering a clear route map to visualize the journey from the airport to the city center.

Navigation Aids

Beyond apps, travelers benefit from global traveller forums and comprehensive travel guides dedicated to navigating Taiwan’s transport system. These resources often provide multi-lingual support and user-friendly interface to aid with directions and instructions on how to reach specific destinations. For visual direction, having an accurate route map is essential; they are readily available and highly useful for understanding the geography and transit options, ensuring travelers can reach their destinations with confidence.

Facilities and Services at TPE

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport offers a variety of convenient facilities and services to ensure a comfortable experience for travelers. With amenities ranging from free internet access to diverse shopping and dining options, the airport caters to the needs of passengers waiting for their flights.

Free WiFi and Charging Stations

Free WiFi is available throughout the airport, allowing passengers to stay connected with ease. Travelers can connect their devices by selecting the airport’s WiFi network and completing a simple registration process. For added convenience, USB charging ports and electrical charging stations are strategically located near seating areas throughout the terminals. Passengers can easily charge their devices, including smartphones and laptops, especially at the Airport Terminal 2 Station, where accessibility to these services is particularly user-friendly.

Food and Shopping

A wide array of food options is available to satisfy everyone’s palate, from fast food to sit-down eateries offering local Taiwanese cuisine. In terms of shopping, the airport boasts an impressive selection of shops. Passengers can browse through a variety of retail outlets, ranging from designer duty-free shops to local souvenir stores, offering them a chance to pick up last-minute gifts or travel necessities. Payment for services and products can be conveniently made using the EasyCard, which is widely accepted at many outlets within the airport, including the shops and restaurants near the escalator systems guiding passengers to their gates.


Travelers have various options for transportation between Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 2 and downtown Taipei. The Taoyuan Airport Bus stands out as a popular choice due to its cost-efficiency and direct routes to the city.

The buses operate with consistent departure and arrival schedules, accommodating flight patterns and providing a reliable service. Travel times can vary, with the journey taking approximately an hour, traffic conditions permitting.

Passengers can expect:

  • A comfortable travel environment
  • Frequent departures, with buses available from early morning till late at night
  • Accessibility for travelers with luggage or those requiring assistance

For a seamless transition to the city upon arrival or to ensure a timely departure from Taipei to catch a flight, the Taoyuan Airport Bus is a commendable mode of transport. It serves as an integral link between the airport and the urban area, facilitating the first and last legs of a journey for both locals and visitors alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling to and from Taoyuan Airport via bus is convenient and efficient, with several options available for passengers. Below are specific answers to common queries regarding bus travel to Taoyuan Airport.

What is the schedule for the 1819 bus to Taoyuan Airport in 2023?

The 1819 bus to Taoyuan Airport operates daily. The first bus departs early in the morning, while the last bus leaves just before midnight. Exact times may vary, so checking the current schedule is advisable.

Where is the Taoyuan Bus Station located for travel to Taoyuan Airport?

The Taoyuan Bus Station for airport transfers is conveniently located near the high-speed rail station. It serves as a hub for travelers heading to and from Taoyuan Airport.

Can I catch a bus to Taoyuan Airport at Taipei Main Station?

Yes, you can catch a bus to Taoyuan Airport at Taipei Main Station. The station is a central point for various bus lines providing direct service to the airport.

What are the bus options from Taoyuan Airport to Ximending?

Travelers looking to go from Taoyuan Airport to Ximending can use direct bus services. These buses offer a comfortable ride to the popular district. For more detailed options, you can look into travel and accommodation services.

What is the fare for the bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei City?

The fare for a bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei City typically ranges from NT$125 to NT$145 for a single trip. There are round-trip discounts available on some bus lines.

How does one travel from Taipei City to Taoyuan Airport using public transport?

To travel from Taipei City to Taoyuan Airport using public transport, you can take a bus from various points within the city, including Taipei Main Station. The services are frequent and reliable, ensuring travelers can reach the airport with ease.

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