Westin Tashee Resort: A Haven for Luxury and Serenity in Taiwan

Nestled amidst the natural splendor of Taoyuan, Taiwan, The Westin Tashee Resort presents a luxurious retreat for travelers seeking to unwind or explore the diverse landscapes of the area. Situated next to the lush Tashee Golf Course, the resort is a sanctum of peace and relaxation, capturing the essence of its picturesque surroundings. Guests are treated to top-tier accommodations and a host of amenities that cater to both leisure and business needs.

One of the coveted aspects of The Westin Tashee Resort is its extensive selection of rooms and suites, each offering a harmonious blend of comfort and style with views that range from the rolling greens of the golf course to the serene mountain vistas. With an array of dining experiences on site, patrons can indulge in both local and international cuisine, heightening their sensory journey. The resort’s commitment to wellness is evident in its facilities, which include a fully equipped fitness center and an inviting spa, where tranquility is the utmost priority.

Key Takeaways

  • The Westin Tashee Resort offers an upscale experience with diverse amenities in Taoyuan.
  • Guests enjoy a broad range of accommodation options and delectable culinary fare.
  • The resort emphasizes holistic well-being with its dedicated wellness and recreational facilities.

Resort Overview

Nestled next to a sprawling golf course and within the lush landscapes of Taoyuan, The Westin Tashee Resort offers a serene retreat with a perfect blend of luxury and nature.

Location and Accessibility

The Westin Tashee Resort resides on the outskirts of the vivid Taipei area, providing an ideal getaway that’s a comfortable distance from the hustle of city life, while still maintaining accessibility. Located just 40 kilometers from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the resort caters to both international and local visitors.

Property Amenities

Guests at The Westin Tashee Resort can indulge in a wide array of property amenities, including three gourmet restaurants, each offering an exquisite culinary experience ranging from local Chinese to international flavors. For events, the resort boasts seven versatile venues, designed to suit everything from business meetings to opulent weddings.

Accommodation Features

The resort’s 205 luxurious rooms, with options including 47 suites, promote relaxation with comfortable rooms featuring the renowned Westin Heavenly® Bed. Each accommodation includes private balconies, affording expansive views of either the surrounding mountains or the resort itself, ensuring every stay is immersed in tranquility.

Rooms and Suites

Guests at The Westin Tashee Resort can look forward to a luxurious stay with well-appointed rooms and suites that boast modern amenities and the signature Heavenly® Bed for an unrivaled sleep experience.

Heavenly® Bed Experience

Within each room, the centerpiece is undoubtedly the Heavenly® Bed. This custom-designed ensemble, consisting of a plush mattress, crisp linens, and a collection of fluffy pillows, encapsulates the resort’s commitment to restorative rest and ensuring that every guest awakens feeling refreshed.

Room Amenities

Beyond the comfort of the bed, guests are treated to a variety of room amenities to enhance their stay. Each room features a minibar stocked with an assortment of refreshments, adjustable air conditioning to suit personal preferences, and a flat-screen TV with international channels for entertainment. The rooms also offer private balconies, where guests can unwind and soak in the views of either the lush mountains or the resort’s sparkling pool.

Dining Options

The Westin Tashee Resort offers guests a range of exceptional dining experiences, from authentic Chinese dishes to diverse Western options, all available within the convenience of the resort’s on-site facilities.

On-Site Restaurant

The resort boasts Seasonal Tastes, a restaurant that provides a varied international buffet with selections that cater to multiple palates. For an expansive breakfast or an indulgent dinner, guests can enjoy a fusion of Asian and Western cuisines under one roof.

Authentic Cuisine

Li Xuan, the resort’s signature restaurant, specializes in authentic Chinese culinary delights. The dining area radiates elegance and offers a menu that represents the richness of China’s vast gastronomic culture. This makes it an ideal venue for savoring traditional flavors in a sophisticated setting.

Wellness and Recreation

The Westin Tashee Resort provides a comprehensive wellness experience, with facilities dedicated to the rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. These facilities offer guests a range of activities to promote relaxation and fitness.

Heavenly Spa by Westin™

At the Heavenly Spa by Westin™, tranquility awaits. It is a sanctuary where one can relax and rejuvenate with spa treatments inspired by holistic rituals. The spa includes a range of services such as massages and facials, ensuring a restorative experience.

Fitness and Leisure Activities

For those seeking to stay active, the resort boasts a Fitness Center equipped with state-of-the-art machines. The recreational facilities offer an abundance of leisure activities including a Tropical Outdoor Pool and an Indoor Pool for year-round swimming. Guests can enjoy the luxury of a Swim-up Bar while taking a dip in the outdoor pool, serving as an oasis for relaxation and socializing.

For Families

Westin Tashee offers a variety of family-friendly amenities and activities designed to provide entertainment for children while also giving adults the opportunity to relax and unwind. The resort ensures that the needs of all family members are met, from dedicated kids’ zones to opportunities for exercise and recreation.

Kids Club and Entertainment

The Kids Club at Westin Tashee is a vibrant, supervised area stocked with an array of games and creative play opportunities. Children can immerse themselves in fun at the Game Room, which is filled with interactive video games and traditional board games, ensuring hours of entertainment. It’s a safe and engaging space where kids can be kids.

Family-Friendly Amenities

  • Swimming Pool: The outdoor pool area is suited for families, offering a separate kids’ pool for safe splash and play.
  • Sport Facilities: For families seeking active pursuits, there are ample opportunities to exercise, including tennis courts and nearby golf courses, providing a perfect blend of leisure and activity.
  • Dining Options: A range of dining options caters to both young palates and adult tastes, with kid-friendly menus and nutritious choices.

Together, these thoughtfully curated amenities create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that allows families to create memorable experiences during their stay.

Meetings and Events

The Westin Tashee Resort is equipped to host a wide variety of meetings and events with professional services and state-of-the-art facilities. From small business meetings to large corporate events, the resort provides comprehensive support to ensure a successful gathering.

Business Services

The resort’s Business Services cater to all professional needs, creating a seamless experience for event planners and attendees. These services include high-speed internet access, on-site technical support, and advanced conference systems. Specialized event teams are available to offer personalized assistance, ensuring that all business requirements are met with precision.

Event Spaces

Event Spaces at The Westin Tashee Resort are diverse and configurable to suit any occasion. The resort houses 7 individual multi-functional spaces, including dedicated meeting rooms and a grand banquet room. Key features of these spaces are:

  • Meeting Rooms: Designed for privacy and success, the meeting rooms offer settings for groups as few as 8 and up to 18 individuals, complete with necessary equipment for effective collaboration.

  • Banquet Room: Ideal for larger functions, the banquet room can be transformed to suit various layouts, providing an elegant backdrop for galas and receptions.

  • Conference Facilities: Equipped with comprehensive hardware and high-end amenities, the conference facilities ensure a conducive environment for impactful presentations and discussions.

For gatherings that require a blend of professionalism and comfort, The Westin Tashee Resort stands ready to deliver exceptional experiences with invigorating views of the Ta-Shee Golf Course, enriching the ambiance of every event.

Additional Services

The Westin Tashee Resort offers a suite of additional services designed to ensure guests enjoy convenience and comfort throughout their stay, from efficient transportation options to impeccable cleaning and laundry services.

Transportation Options

Guests of The Westin Tashee Resort can travel with ease, thanks to the variety of transportation services provided. For those arriving by air, an airport shuttle service ensures timely and comfortable transit to and from the hotel. For explorers wishing to venture into the surrounding areas, convenient access to the Taoyuan HSR station makes regional travel a breeze.

  • Airport Transportation: Reliable shuttle service available.
  • Nearby Stations: Access the High-Speed Rail for further travel.

Cleaning and Laundry

To accommodate the needs of every guest, The Westin Tashee Resort offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services. Dry cleaning and laundry services are catered with utmost care, ensuring that guests have clean and fresh attire throughout their stay. For those requiring more specialized services, options for laundry are readily available.

  • Dry Cleaning: Quick and meticulous dry cleaning services.
  • Laundry Service: Regular laundry services for convenience.

Additionally, valet parking at the hotel provides an added layer of service, allowing guests to have their vehicles securely parked and readily accessible when needed.

Local Attractions

Visitors to The Westin Tashee Resort in Taoyuan can explore an array of natural and cultural sites, as well as a variety of recreational areas, offering breathtaking mountain views and a chance to engage in the local experience of Taiwan.

Natural and Cultural Sites

Nestled in the serene landscape near The Westin Tashee Resort, guests can immerse themselves in Taiwan’s rich heritage at cultural sites like the Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum. Just a short distance from the resort, the ecomuseum showcases exquisitely crafted wooden artifacts that reflect the local craftsmanship. Additionally, the area’s natural beauty is exemplified by the lush, rolling hills that provide stunning mountain views.

Recreational Areas

For those seeking leisurely activities, the resort is ideally situated adjacent to the Tashee Golf Course, offering guests the opportunity to play on a world-class course with great views of the surrounding scenery. Families can also find enjoyment in the nearby family & children’s activities, which cater to travelers of all ages looking to experience the local culture and environment.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

The Westin Tashee Resort in Taoyuan has established a reputation for guest satisfaction, as reflected in the various reviews it has accumulated. Guests often comment on specific aspects of their stay, providing a multifaceted picture of the resort’s services and amenities.


  • Guests have rated the resort’s proximity to the Tashee Golf Course highly, appreciating its serene outskirts setting just 40 kilometers from the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.
  • Find us next to the Tashee Golf Course


  • The Westin Tashee prides itself on maintaining high standards of cleanliness, a fact that is frequently underscored in guest feedback.
  • Reviewers have given it a 4.4/5 rating for cleanliness, signaling the resort’s dedication to a pristine environment.
  • Very good. 631 reviews. Cleanliness 4.4


  • The level of service is rated at 4.1/5, indicating a strong sense of guest fulfillment.
  • Comments often describe the staff as accommodating, highlighting the personal touch that makes stays memorable.
  • Service 4.1


  • The value for the price paid has been graded at 3.5/5. Some guests find the resort’s offerings to be worth the cost, while others suggest a more competitive pricing strategy could enhance the value proposition.
  • Value 3.5

Overall Experience:

  • Many reviews dub the resort as an “unforgettable” experience, particularly praising the unique Bali-style pool and on-site spa.
  • The resort’s commitment to guest satisfaction is often cited as a reason for these positive evaluations.
  • My stay at the Westin Tashee Resort was a WONDERFUL accident

It is important to note that while this summary is based on guest reviews, prospective guests should consider their own specific needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find specific insights into the Westin Hotels’ affiliations, history, ownership, and its unique positioning within the hospitality industry, particularly focusing on the Westin Tashee Resort.

What is the relationship between Westin Hotels and Marriott International?

Westin Hotels is a luxury hotel chain that operates under the Marriott International umbrella after it acquired Starwood Hotels & Resorts in 2016, making Westin a part of one of the world’s largest hotel companies.

Can you share the history and background of the Westin Hotels chain?

The Westin brand was founded in 1930, originally by Severt W. Thurston and Frank Dupar, and has since become known for its emphasis on wellbeing initiatives and signature amenities like the Heavenly Bed and Heavenly Bath.

Who currently holds the ownership of the Westin Puerto Vallarta?

The ownership of the Westin Puerto Vallarta remains with Marriott International, as part of its extensive portfolio after acquiring Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

What entity is the proprietor of Westin Los Cabos Resort?

The Westin Los Cabos Resort is also owned by Marriott International, which manages numerous properties around the world, including this exclusive resort in Mexico.

How has the Westin brand evolved over the years in the hospitality industry?

Westin Hotels & Resorts has evolved by focusing on holistic wellbeing, with initiatives like the WestinWORKOUT fitness studios, RunWESTIN programs, and SuperFoodsRx menus, catering to travelers seeking balance and rejuvenation.

What distinguishes the Westin Tashee Resort in terms of services and amenities?

The Westin Tashee Resort, stands out for its proximity to the Tashee Golf Course and features such as the Heavenly Spa, tropical outdoor pool, and authentic dining options, offering a uniquely refreshing experience in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

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