Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung: Efficient Travel Guide 2023

Traveling from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung offers a glimpse into the efficiency and convenience of intercity transit in Taiwan. Taoyuan Airport, one of the major international gateways to Taiwan, is situated in the northern part of the island, while Kaohsiung is a vibrant metropolis located in the south. The journey between these two cities showcases Taiwan’s diverse landscapes and well-developed transportation infrastructure.

A variety of travel options are available for passengers looking to journey from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung. High-speed rail boasts the quickest travel times, transforming what could be a lengthy trip into a swift and comfortable experience. For those preferring a more economical route, buses and traditional rail services provide regular and affordable alternatives. Each transportation option offers a different perspective on the scenic beauty of Taiwan, ensuring that the trip is not just about the destination, but also about the journey itself.

Key Takeaways

  • Taoyuan Airport serves as a key entry point to Taiwan and is efficiently connected to Kaohsiung.
  • Multiple transportation modes are available, including high-speed rail, which offers the fastest journey.
  • The chosen travel method from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung can provide unique views of Taiwan’s landscape.

Overview of Taoyuan Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is the largest airport in Taiwan and a prominent hub for international and domestic flights. It serves as a key gateway for travelers entering and departing Taiwan.

Navigating Taoyuan Airport

Taoyuan Airport features two main terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, each equipped with a variety of check-in counters, security checkpoints, and departure gates. Information desks and directional signage facilitate a stress-free experience for passengers moving through the air terminals. It’s designed for efficient navigation despite the airport’s large size.

Travel Facilities at TPE

At Taiwan Taoyuan Airport, passengers can enjoy a range of facilities including VIP lounges, dining options, and duty-free shopping. The airport lounges offer a place for rest and relaxation before a flight. Duty-free shopping provides a variety of goods at competitive prices, while the dining options feature both local Taiwanese specialties and international cuisines.

Transport Options from TPE

Numerous transport options are available from TPE to reach various destinations across Taiwan. These include the Taoyuan Airport MRT, which offers a rapid transit to central Taipei. Additionally, travelers can choose from buses, taxis, and rental car services directly at the airport, ensuring accessible transportation for all travel needs.

Transportation Options to Kaohsiung

Travelers have several options to reach Kaohsiung from Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. Each transport mode offers a balance between cost and convenience.

Taking the High-Speed Train

The Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) offers the fastest journey to Kaohsiung, taking about 90 minutes for a direct trip. Trains are frequent, and tickets can be purchased at the airport station. It is a comfortable and efficient choice for travelers.

Bus Services to Kaohsiung

For a more economical option, travelers can consider the U Bus service, which connects the airport to Kaohsiung. The journey can take approximately 5 hours. There are also other bus companies providing direct bus services linking the airport with various locations in Kaohsiung.

Car Rentals and Driving Directions

Renting a car can give travelers flexibility and convenience. Car rental agencies such as Avis and Chailease offer services at Taoyuan Airport. The drive to Kaohsiung takes about 3 to 4 hours via the National Freeway 1.

Connecting Flights to Kaohsiung

While not as common due to the proximity of destinations, travelers can opt for a connecting flight from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung International Airport. This option may be suitable for those who prefer air travel or have connecting flights from other destinations.

High-Speed Rail Travel

Traveling from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung via the Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) is an efficient and comfortable option. This section provides detailed information on purchasing tickets, train schedules, and accessing the HSR Taoyuan Station from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE).

Booking Tickets for HSR

Tickets for the Taiwan High Speed Rail can be purchased online, at the station, or from various ticket vending machines. To ensure a seat, it’s recommended to book in advance, especially during holidays and peak hours. Various classes of seats are available, from standard to business class, catering to different comfort needs and budgets. Pricing details and discounts are available for certain categories of travelers, such as students and seniors. View detailed HSR ticket price information for current fares.

HSR Schedules and Timings

The HSR operates frequent services daily, with precise schedules for departures and arrivals. Trains typically run from early morning to late at night, ensuring that travelers can find a time that suits their itinerary. (Travel Time) from Taoyuan HSR Station to Zuoying Station, serving Kaohsiung, is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, making it a fast option compared to other modes of transport. To plan a trip effectively, passengers should consult the updated HSR schedule which offers a full list of timed services.

Getting to Taoyuan HSR Station from TPE

Upon arrival at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), reaching the nearby HSR Taoyuan Station is straightforward. A short shuttle ride, which connects the airport terminals to the high-speed rail station, is available for passengers. The shuttle service is well-marked and frequent, ensuring a smooth transfer for those seeking to continue their journey to Kaohsiung via the HSR. For added convenience, signage in multiple languages assists international travelers in navigating the route to the HSR station. Further information on the station’s location and the connecting services can be found by examining Taoyuan HSR station details.

Accommodation and Hotels

Travelers venturing from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung have a wide array of lodging options. Whether seeking luxury accommodations or budget-friendly stays, Kaohsiung caters to all preferences.

Hotels in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung offers a diverse selection of hotels, from high-end properties for those desiring premium comfort to economical options for travelers sticking to a tighter budget. Luxury hotels are primarily located in the city center and boast amenities such as spas, gourmet restaurants, and exquisite views of the harbor. For a more affordable stay, Jianguo Road is known for its range of mid-tier hotels, providing a harmony of comfort and value. Capsule hotels have gained popularity in Taiwan and can be found in Kaohsiung, offering travelers a unique and cost-effective lodging experience.

Booking Accommodation Online

When planning their stay, travelers can conveniently book accommodation online. Multiple platforms provide a seamless booking process, detailed hotel descriptions, and user reviews which help in making an informed decision. One can find ultra-modern, family-friendly, or boutique accommodations, including options located near rail stations for ease of travel. For a stay close to the airport, there are hotels tailored to the needs of transit passengers, such as hotels with airport shuttle services. Booking in advance is advisable to secure the best rates and ensure availability, especially during peak travel seasons.

Kaohsiung Destination Guide

Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s harbor city, is a vibrant destination filled with dynamic urban culture, scenic beauty, and a remarkable transit system. It offers a wealth of activities and cultural experiences for any traveler.

Attractions in Kaohsiung

Visitors to Kaohsiung will find a variety of attractions catering to diverse interests. The iconic Dragon and Tiger Pagodas at Lotus Pond are not to be missed, where travelers can walk through the mouth of a dragon to ensure good fortune. Nature enthusiasts should head to the Love River, the spine of the city, perfect for romantic strolls or boat rides. For a panoramic view of the city, the observation deck at the 85 Sky Tower is the place to go, providing breathtaking vistas from the city’s second tallest skyscraper.

Cultural Highlights

Kaohsiung’s cultural tapestry is rich and engaging. The Pier-2 Art Center, set in reclaimed warehouses, has become a beacon for the city’s creative scene, exhibiting everything from fine arts to street culture. For a taste of local history, Cijin Island offers a quick ferry ride away from the bustling city to a place that’s dotted with historic sites like the Cijin Lighthouse and Tianhou Temple. Those looking for a rejuvenating experience might enjoy visiting the extensive hot spring facilities around the city.

Public Transportation in Kaohsiung

Getting around in Kaohsiung is easy thanks to its efficient public transportation system. The city boasts an extensive Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system that ensures swift travel to major landmarks and districts. The Kaohsiung Main Public Library, a marvel of sustainable architecture, is easily accessible by MRT. Visitors arriving at Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) can quickly transfer to the city center and start their urban exploration. For those needing to stay connected, information on what to do during any layover at Taoyuan airport can be handy before reaching Kaohsiung and exploring its riches.

Travel Tips and Resources

When considering a trip from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung, travelers benefit from understanding the best travel times, leveraging online travel planning tools, and being aware of local holidays and events which can affect transit.

Best Travel Times

Travel time from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung typically ranges, with options like the high-speed train and buses that vary in duration. Travelers find that opting for the train can take around 2 hours and 24 minutes according to Rome2rio, making it a swift option. Weekends and holidays can see increased congestion, so booking tickets in advance is advisable. The early morning or late evening departures often have fewer passengers.

Online Travel Tools

Utilizing tools such as Rome2rio can simplify planning, with comprehensive comparisons of transportation modes, times, and costs. For longer stays, travelers should consider a Taiwan SIM card for tourists to keep online tools handy on the move. Additionally, services like Uber are available in Taiwan, and travelers may check if Uber is operational in their area for a more comfortable trip to their destination.

Local Holidays and Events

Festivals and national holidays can significantly impact travel with increased demand and potential disruptions. Visitors should check the calendar for events such as the Lantern Festival or Chinese New Year, where booking transport well in advance becomes crucial. It is also practical to understand the Taoyuan postal code system for sending postcards or packages during their stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs provide travelers with essential information about transportation from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung, accommodation options, and general travel tips for Kaohsiung.

FAQs on Transportation

How can one travel from Taiwan Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung?
Travelers have several options including train, bus, car, or plane. The recommended train takes approximately 2h 24m, with ticket prices ranging between $37-$53. For further details on schedules and booking, one can check the respective platforms.

Are there direct bus services from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung?
Direct bus services are not available, but travelers can opt for other freeway bus services. Additional information about bus services can be found on travel advice websites.

FAQs on Accommodation

Can travelers book hotels in Kaohsiung through the Taoyuan Airport platform?
While the airport itself does not offer hotel bookings, travelers can find and book hotel rooms in Kaohsiung through various travel planning tools and accommodation booking sites.

What types of accommodation are available in Kaohsiung?
Kaohsiung offers a range of accommodation options from budget hostels to luxury hotels to suit the needs of different travelers.

FAQs on Kaohsiung Travel

What are the top attractions one should visit in Kaohsiung?
Kaohsiung is known for its harbor, the Love River, as well as a vibrant arts and culture scene including the Pier-2 Art Center and the Lotus Pond.

Is there a recommended time of year to visit Kaohsiung?
A traveler will find the weather most pleasant during the autumn months, from October to December, which is ideal for exploring the city’s outdoor spaces and attractions.


Travelers looking to journey from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung have multiple transportation options available to them. The train is often a popular choice, offering a balance between cost and speed. A direct Train takes approximately 2 hours and 24 minutes and could cost between $37 to $53.

Alternatively, buses are available for those seeking a more economical route. A Bus via Sanxia District might take around 5 hours and 2 minutes, with prices starting from $19 up to $27, making it the cheapest mode of transportation.

For individuals prioritizing time, driving or taking a plane could be considered, although these options may incur a higher cost due to rental fees or airfare.

Here’s a brief outline of the typical travel times and options:

  • Train: 2h 24m | $37 – $53
  • Bus: 5h 2m – 5h 59m | $19 – $27
  • Drive: ≥3h 25m | Variable cost
  • Plane: Shortest time | Highest cost

Each method of transportation provides a different experience of Taiwan’s landscapes and local ambience, from the speed and convenience of the high-speed rail to the scenic routes accessible by bus or car.

Travelers should make their choice based on their budget, time constraints, and personal preferences for comfort and convenience. Whether one seeks efficiency or affordability, the journey between Taoyuan Airport and Kaohsiung is well accommodated for with Taiwan’s reliable and varied transport network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers often have questions about the transportation options, ticketing, journey times, and services when traveling from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung. This section provides straightforward answers to common queries.

What are the transportation options from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung?

Travelers can choose from various modes of transport including high-speed train (HSR), bus, car, or plane. The high-speed train is a popular option for its efficiency and comfort.

How can I purchase tickets for the high-speed train from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung?

Tickets for the high-speed train can be purchased online, from automated kiosks, or at ticket counters at the airport or train station. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak travel times.

What is the travel time for the high-speed train journey from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung?

The journey time on the HSR from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung typically takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on the service chosen.

Are there any bus services connecting Taoyuan Airport and Kaohsiung?

Yes, buses are available and offer a cost-effective alternative to the high-speed train with the journey taking several hours, which can be a suitable option for those not in a hurry.

Can I book a direct train from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung, or do I need to transfer?

Travelers will need to take a shuttle from Taoyuan Airport to the nearby high-speed train station and then board the HSR to Kaohsiung. There is no direct train from the airport to Kaohsiung.

What are the peak hours for travel on the high-speed train from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung?

Peak hours for travel typically coincide with the start and end of weekends or holidays. It’s best to plan travel outside of these times if possible to avoid crowded conditions.

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